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Chakra Metaphors

04/03/23 - 05/03/23

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This course uses information of the chakra system to establish goals for Touch for Health balances or any other kind of Kinesiology technique. You will learn about the behaviour patterns associated with the imbalances of the 7 major chakras and some of the important minor chakras. At the end of the course you will understand the 6 states of a chakra, learn how to do chakra profiles, and understand why people behave in certain ways under stress.

Chakra profiles give you the opportunity to interpret different relationship qualities of couples, colleagues, family or friends by using the information of the different chakra states. The techniques that you learn in this course are a major tool to help establish a specific goal for a Touch for Health balance or any other kind of Kinesiology technique.

2 days Prerequisite: Touch for Health or Principles of Kinesiology 

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Chakra Metaphors

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